Adept Employment Law, APC

Employment law specialists dedicated to the representation of employees in workplace disputes and litigation

Adept Employment Law, APC was founded by employment law litigator Gregory P. Wong, Esq in 2014.  The firm's mission is to provide workers with the same cutting-edge legal advice and advocacy that Mr. Wong provided to corporate employers throughout his 15 years as a defense-side employment attorney.  Adept handles employment disputes on behalf of individual employees and classes of aggrieved workers in areas that range from wage and hour disputes (such as claims for unpaid wages, failure to pay overtime or failure to provide mandatory meal and rest breaks) to employment discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination. 

Initial consultations are always free of charge and, in many cases, we are able to come to an agreement with our clients to represent them on a contingency basis - meaning that you will not have to pay any fees unless or until we recover something for you.  

At Adept, we understand that a legal dispute in the workplace doesn’t just threaten your livelihood, it can disrupt your personal relationships, your mental and physical health, and your plans for the future. Our constant goal is to solve problems for our clients by advising them on their rights and working tirelessly to vindicate those rights.
— Greg Wong